Water Test

Save over $300.00 - EPA approved Water Test

You can not tell by looking or tasting your water if you have contamination. You may have a neighbor with a septic tank problem, (can be over a mile away and affect your water supply under ground).

You may live near or where a farm may have once been. This may contain higher levels of fertilizers, pesticides and nitrates and be a concern.

You may live in a more built-up area with a water treatment facility. But what if the problem is in the pipes of your home?
No matter where you live, water still remains an all too common source of illnesses. 

A Southeast Water Technician will stop by to pick up a water sample from your home (you DO NOT need to be home). All test results will be sent via US mail to the address where sample was taken. Please allow an additional 2 weeks time for bacterial test results.

10 Point Water Test

  1. Bacteria: Test for coliform and e-coli. Total coliform bacteria are a collection of relatively harmless microorganisms that live in large numbers in the intestines of man and warm and cold-blooded animals. They aid in the digestion of food. A specific subgroup of this collection is the fecal coliform bacteria, the most common member being Escherichia coli (E.coli). 
  2. Pesticides: Ingestion and inhalation can damage internal organs, cause cancer, and eventually cause death.
  3. Chloride: We check levels of salt in your water. It is important to know if tidal water or wells near the sea are brackish. Brackish water can also be caused from a water softener not operating properly.
  4. Lead: Causes neurological and kidney damage. We use an immunoassay strip to determine lead content in your water. Tests for 15 ppb EPA limit. Lead is possible in homes built prior to 1986, lead solder was used in plumbing.
  5. Nitrates: Serious for infants. Has been linked to "blue baby"syndrome.
  6. Nitrites: From human and animal waste. Nitrates and nitrites are byproducts of biological decay and Nitrogen decomposition. Nitrates and Nitrites can lead to infant mortality, adult illness, and dead aquatic life.
  7. Chlorine: by-products can increase cancer risk, bad taste, and smell.
  8. Hardness: Calcium and Magnesium are naturally occurring minerals responsible for water hardness.
  9. PH: Can cause heavy metal(lead) leaching.
  10. Hydrogen Sulfide: Is a flammable, poisonous gas that can sometimes have a characteristic rotten egg smell. Hydrogen Sulfide is evolved from numerous environmental sources such as bacterial decomposition of vegetable and animal material. A must test for anyone especially if you have well water.   

All tests have been certified to be accurate.

Strict EPA approved standards are the guidelines followed.You will be given a toll free number for the water help line if your results do not meet EPA standards.

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